Welcome to The Scoobs, a legendary collection of 5,000 computer generated NFTs.

The Scoobs come to life from different time periods. Now they are UNITED and more than ever ready to CONQUER!


0% - Welcome to our world

Take a seat, join other fellow Scoobs on Discord, and sip a glass of wine.

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25% - The beginning of a new era

The Scoobs holders will be rewarded based on what they minted. 60% of the second-market royalties will be dedicated to a special fund to ensure The Scoobs's longevity through marketing campaigns. 

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50% - Scoobs Merch

Launch of The Scoobs X undisclosed Fashion Designer merchandise, with the option of having your Scoob printed on merch. There will also be customized designs dedicated for holders. Limited Supply 

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75% - To the Moon!

A total of 11 Scoobs, including the Legendary ones, will be raffled among all The Scoobs's holders.

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100% - Breeding & DAO

Our team will start implementing a breeding function in the upcoming weeks after the launch. In order to benefit from the breeding function, you must own at least two Scoobs. After the breeding process is over, the DAO will take place and owners will receive from 600-800 $Coobs Tokens. Every NFT produces from 5 to 12 $Coobs per day, based on its rarity. To claim one DAO you need 1200 $Coobs. The DAO will profit from royalties and investments that we will make in the NFT space. More details on Discord.

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There are 15 Legendary Scoobs in our family of 5,000. These 15 special Scoobs are the leaders in their own groups—each one original and exclusive.

Each legendary Scoob owner will receive a standard prize of 1 Ethereum. They will also receive an exclusive membership to our HODLER’S CLUB.

What’s the Hodler’s Club? This club will grant access to three ultra-exclusive events throughout the year—events where celebrities and well-known personalities from the NFT space will be in attendance. Feeling excited? The first event will be held in Paris, France. These events will also welcome degens from other communities that will make collabs with Scoobs. More details in Discord.

The GRAND PRIZE (more on that later) will consist of $50,000.

Da Vinci

Our genius leader Scoob is Leonardo Da Vinci. This Italian renaissance mastermind has joined the family of Scoobs to help them prosper using his genius engineering and art powers. Da Vinci serves as the Ultimate Leader of The Scoobs and the winner of LDV will earn the Grand Prize: $50,000


Our next legendary Scoob needs little to no introduction: the godfather, Don Corleone himself has arrived. From the streets of 1940’s NYC, Don Corleone brings along with him all the power, brutality, and politicians that he carries in his pockets like nickels and dimes. The Don will deal with anything that is deemed too risky, so you better watch out.

Zombie Scoob

Our next Legendary Scoob has emerged from the dead. He and his army of the living dead are here to help the family in any way they can.

15 Legendary Scoobs in Total!


Did I hear rum? Yes that’s right. Our next Legendary Scoob is Captain Scoob Sparrow. He has set sail from the Caribbeans and is joining the Scoobs Family with all his charisma and captivating skills.


The Scooda is here from the stars and he is ready to use his lightsaber against anyone who tries to touch the Scoobs family. The tiny sword master is available and ready for action.

Scoob Dogg

Let us present you to Scoob Dogg, our family’s rapper who has a little green hobby. Scoob Dogg has decided to join the family and since then everyone seems to have bloodshot eyes. 🌿


Coming for Vengeance, V has decided to join forces with the Scoobs as he continues his journey to destroy the old and corrupt system that weighs all of us down.

Scoobs Trumps

Our beloved President, Donald Scoob Trump, is here with a motto: ‘Keep the Scoobs Great’. He has decided to join our family as the only politician in the family with the hope of preserving the Greatness of the Scoobs.


Let us present you to Scoonaldo, our family football player who managed to become the greatest in our world. CR7 is in our family to keep us fit with his workout methods.

The Joker Scoob

Coming right from the heart of underworld, The Joker has decided to join forces with the Scoobs under the orders of The ScooDon himself. He’s here to deal with the not-so-pleasant decisions of the Family. He is always smiling, but you have to be cautious around him.

Scoob Bond

Meet our beloved agent, Mr. Bond, who has arrived from England along with his elegance and charm in order to help The Scoobs with his masterfulness and lethal class. He is as charming as he is deadly.

Development Roadmap

Our goal is to make sure your investment is highly profitable in the long term. To do so, we will implement several strategies after the launch in order to set floor price as high as possible. 


After investing over tens of thousands in marketing campaigns for our launch sale, we will continue investing money in influencer marketing campaigns to keep the momentum going around The Scoobs. We want to make sure your Scoob thrives through time, and we believe the best way to do this is by planning multiple advertising campaigns even after the initial sale is over. 


Once the mint is complete and the Fashion Designer is revealed, all The Scoobs holders will be invited to an exclusive event located in Paris. 🇫🇷 


We will reward The Scoobs holders for helping the project grow and the community thrive.


Once the mint is complete, we will start developing Stage 2 of the project in which we will introduce breeding functions for The Scoobs.


Then we will implement a DAO only for people who breed. 50% of the royalties from that moment on will be used to invest in projects for the DAO. Our goal is to incentivize long term holding of The Scoobs. Increased value over time!



The mint price for 1 piece from The Scoobs is 0.08 ETH + Gas Fees.

We strongly advise you to use a MetaMask wallet.

Your Scoob will be automatically sent to your wallet right after you mint it. 

Once you have minted a piece from The Scoobs, you will be able to see it by connecting your wallet to OpenSea.

Yes, we will be holding a presale 1 day prior to the public launch for our Whitelist members. Please join our Discord to learn how you can join the Whitelist. The Whitelist spots will be very limited. 

The public launch will be held on May 15th, while the presale will be held on May 14th.

You can use your Scoob as a profile picture online, and you can also resell your piece for profit. After the breeding process is over and DAO is implemented, you will be able to participate in the decision making of The Scoobs Organization and earn from it.

Yes, 10% of the secondary sales will be deducted in royalties for The Scoobs Team. A portion of those royalties will go towards marketing, to make sure that the project continues to grow. The rest of the royalties will be invested for the DAO and generate profit for The Scoobs Organization. 

Yes, you will own all intellectual properties to The Scoob you minted, which means you can use it for exclusive parties (the first one is in Paris), the breeding process, and the DAO.

Our DAO buys and fractionalizes blue chip NFTs, which are distributed between members who will possess our tokens. Each Scoob NFT grants voting rights over the DAO’s assets. There will be more information on the DAO after the public sale is over. 






Mr. Billboard (Marketing)